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Trinity: Bride of West Virginia is now available. My book is number 35 of a 50 book series of mail-order brides featuring a story from every state by 45 different authors of historical romance. We’ve been working hard to organize this super-secret project. Soon they will all be available, with a new release every day. Buy them or get them for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Here is Trinity’s love story:

After a fire at the Brown Textile Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts, twenty-two-year old Trinity Kroger agrees to become a mail order bride, traveling to West Virginia. Her intended, Mr. John Witherspoon, is nearly fifty-eight-years old. Shocked by the age difference, it is far too late to change her mind, the ceremony taking place immediately.

Nathanial Witherspoon tries to stop his father from making a grave mistake, arriving at City Hall too late. The shabbily dressed young woman in his father’s company cannot be his new stepmother. It would be impossible, because, although poor and uneducated, she’s the loveliest thing he has ever seen.

Trinity is drawn to Nathanial, who showers her with gifts and clothing, writing heartfelt letters. She came to West Virginia to find a place of belonging. Never could she have imagined falling in love so deeply—so passionately, yet not with her husband. Nathanial has stolen her heart, but they can never be together.

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