An Unexpected Bride – Audio Book edition

AUB - Audiobook_600x600An Unexpected Bride РAudio Book Edition

The second book in The Colorado Brides Series is now available as an audio book at Amazon, iTunes, and Audible.

After reading about her sister Hannah’s success in homesteading to Denver City, Paulina Hoffman decides to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling with an older couple to the Kansas territory. What she hadn’t anticipated was wagon master, Samuel Tucker, who catches her eye from the start.

The handsome outdoorsman is responsible for this group of homesteaders, seeing to their safety and guiding them along the Platte River on the Oregon Trail. As the days turn into weeks, their relationship grows, especially after Paulina falls victim to cholera and Samuel nurses her back to health.

Falling in love with one of the homesteaders is the last thing Mr. Tucker had expected, but, as he rescues the beauty from disaster more than once, he finds himself unable to resist the pull of Paulina. Living in Denver City was never the plan, but the dictates of his heart might just change his mind…and his life.

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