The Colorado Brides Series

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The Carson Brothers of Kansas Series

 mailorderbrideCHARLIE_200x300 mailorderbrideBRONSON-200x300 mailorderbrideWYATT-200x300 mailorderbrideGRANT-200x300 MailOrderBrideBoxCollection(1)_200x300

The Mail Order Brides of Boot Creek Series

Boot Creek Book 1 Rough Cover B-200x300 Boot Creek Book 2 Rough Cover A1A_200x300 Boot Creek Book 3-200x300 Boot Creek Book 4 Rough Cover-200x300 TEST_Series_300x300

The Brides of the Rockies Series

 Brides of the Rockies Covers_NEW_8_72dpi_200x300 Brides of the Rockies Covers_New_9_200x300 Brides of the Rockies Covers_New_10_72dpi_200x300 Brides of the Rockies Covers_New_11_72dpi_200x300 Brides of the Rockies - Madeline - 200x300 Brides of the Rockies Covers_NEW_WITH_HAIR_72dpi_200x300 copy Brides of the Rockies Covers 14_600x900

Bachelors of the Prairie Series

Gambler,The_200x300 Lawman,The_200x300 Preacher_200x300 Detective,The_200x300

A Silver River Mystery Series

ARe CARRE WHITE 1_200x300 HQ CARRE WHITE 2_200x300 HQ CARRE WHITE Book 3_200x300



AzBrides Book1 Cover-200